Ireland's Food Delivery Landscape}

Ireland's Food Delivery Landscape

Ireland's Food Delivery Landscape

As the St. Patrick's Day celebrations came to an end, our attention turned to Ireland's food delivery scene. Delving into Dashmote's insights on Food Service Aggregators (FSAs) in Ireland, we wanted to explore how traditional Irish culture blends with contemporary delivery trends, shedding light on the opportunities and trends in the culinary landscape.

Leading Players in Ireland’s Food Delivery Market

We gathered insights from 3 major players in the industry: JustEat, Deliveroo and Uber Eats.

Ireland's food delivery landscape experienced a significant surge, with over 8,000 digital storefronts (DSFs) spread across the country witnessing an impressive 18% growth from Q1 to Q4 2023.

Just Eat places first in the top, with a 55% market share in terms of digital storefronts within the Irish food delivery landscape, followed by Deliveroo at 32% and Uber Eats at 13%. These platforms, alike to mythical leprechauns, dominated the scene, offering a pot of gold for both consumers and businesses seeking convenient culinary experiences. 

Just Eat stood out as the largest and fastest growing platform, with over 4,000 digital storefronts (DSFs) and experiencing a significant growth rate in comparison to its competition, 22% growth from Q1 to Q4. With its rapid expansion, Just Eat solidified its position as the go-to choice for food delivery, providing a seamless experience for both customers and restaurant partners [1].

Cuisine Trends in Irish Food Delivery

For those who continued the celebrations at home, food delivery platforms offered plenty of options. Our analysis of the distribution of cuisine types revealed the percentage of DSFs representing each cuisine out of the total number of DSFs, and the top five preferred Irish cuisines. These include pizza (28%), burgers (24%), American fare (16%), chicken dishes (14%), and kebabs (10%). Similar to pub grub classics, these alternatives provide consumers with a flavorful feast fit for any St. Patrick's Day gathering. 

Dublin: The Epicenter of Ireland’s Food Delivery Scene

As Ireland’s capital and biggest city, Dublin is the center of the country's food delivery scene, hosting 45% of its DSFs of the entire country. Dublin’s bustling streets in front of Temple Bar on St. Patrick's Day were filled with, you guessed it, beer! Guinness is the most popular choice for revelers on St. Patrick's Day, flowing freely in the heart of the city's vibrant pubs and eateries.

Guinness Traditions on St. Patrick's Day

No St. Patrick's Day celebration would have been complete without a pint of Guinness, Ireland's beloved stout and cultural icon. With its rich brewing heritage and iconic toucan mascot, Guinness embodied the spirit of St. Patrick's Day, symbolizing Ireland's enduring influence on global beer culture. As celebrations unfolded, Guinness introduced its 'paint the town blue' campaign, offering free pints of Guinness 0.0 - a non-alcoholic version of the iconic stout - in over 800 Irish pubs until Monday, March 18. Embracing the blue color, the campaign encouraged patrons to savor the smooth taste of Guinness 0.0 and commemorate the holiday in style. Alan McAleenan, Guinness's marketing head in Ireland, expressed enthusiasm for championing Guinness 0.0 and moderation on St. Patrick's Day, fostering cultural appreciation. Partnering with Saoirse-Monica Jackson amplified this message, encouraging responsible consumption during the festivities. [2]

Fun Fact: When it comes to Guinness listings on FSA, the range is quite interesting. The least expensive Guiness is priced at 2.3€, while the most expensive one goes up to 6.0€, reflecting the diverse offerings available to Guinness lovers.

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