Empowering Heineken NL's Online Presence on Food delivery through data-driven strategies}

Empowering Heineken NL's Online Presence on Food delivery through data-driven strategies

In online environments such as Food Delivery, shoppers heavily rely on visual and descriptive elements. Appealing images/descriptions can 1) enrich the overall browsing experience on the FSA platforms and, 2) elevate the likelihood of beverage sales, contributing to higher incidence rates and revenue streams.

By partnering with Dashmote, Heineken has gained valuable insights into performance metrics and results across the food delivery channel in the Netherlands. This collaboration has enabled Heineken to increase image presence on Thuisbezorgd between Q2 to Q4 2023. Here’s our key findings:

- An increase of +1,032 more digital storefronts featuring images alongside Heineken listings, resulting in a 61% growth rate

- An increase of almost +6,000 more Heineken beverage listings with images, resulting in a 42% growth rate

The success story of Heineken NL, as evidenced by Dashmote's insights, underscores the importance of data-driven strategies for Beverage manufacturers when it comes to optimizing brand visibility.

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