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Gain strategic insights into the meal delivery market

Looking to identify new outlets and increase my sales in the growing Meal Delivery channel.

Looking to monitor the Meal Delivery channel and track performance across brands and platforms.

Looking to track sales distribution and my competitor brands’ pricing across markets.


Track swift market developments

With our Meal Delivery Radar solution,
we are now monitoring and collecting outlet
activity on meal delivery platforms across
the 30+ markets we are active in
– most of them on a daily basis – in order to
make sense of the current market dynamics.
We see that the ecosystem is in a state of flux, with venues closing for delivery, locations permanently shutting down, and most importantly, an increasing number of outlets appearing on meal delivery platforms for the first time. 

We have built the Meal Delivery Radar to
help Beverage brands regain control and take a
ction in these rapidly-changing market condition.
Using our data, we provide a weekly overview of
newly-opened and trending outlets in your region.
This allows you to get in direct contact with
the venue owners and make sure that
your products are part of their offering.


Dashmote monitors the meal delivery market on a daily basis.
We collect data points on individual outlets and produce insights about the latest market developments. 

Platform Insights

Track what platforms are booming and which are falling behind.

Identify New Outlets

Track all new outlets in your region on a weekly basis.

Trending Risers

Track all outlets (that are the fastest growing in no. reviews) – Top 5%.

Trending Outlets

Track the most popular outlets per week, leaderboard – Top 100 per region.

Declining Outlets

Shift focus by tracking declining outlets (rapid declining in rating) – 5%.

Trending Cuisines

Top performers per cuisine category – Top 10.



Act on the


explosive Meal

Delivery channel

Help your company to understand the
changing market and identify new sales
opportunities in a fast-growing market.

Start driving your Beverage Sales

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  • Be there for you to answer all your questions throughout the whole implementation process

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