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Dashmote Biweekly #1

Dashmote Bi-Weekly brings you, every two weeks, the most interesting facts, exciting applications and ideas related to AI, data, marketing and business.

Twitter buys London startup that uses AI to detect fake news  

Twitter has announced the acquisition of the London startup Fabula AI, to strengthen its machine learning expertise and to deal with exaggerated posts and fake news posted on its platform. Fabula AI analyses users’ behavior, including twitter likes and retweets, to build an understanding of relationships and interactions.

It is interesting to see how corporations are relying more and more on AI-driven companies in order to solve their problems in a data-based way.

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Can AI And Automation Give Marketers Their Mondays Back?

In an interesting editorial about AI in enterprises, James Nicols reflects on how much of his time is spent on completing tasks that could be done by artificial intelligence.

Most marketers are not aware of the real power of AI, and still view AI as a future vision rather than a tool that can boost efficiency here and now. Automation is already here, and we will soon be seeing its effects within a number of markets.

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Dashmote Location Intelligence solutions

China invests in the AI industry

China’s leading AI company, DeepBlue Technology, shakes hands with Amani Swiss and the School of Informatics at Thessaloniki’s Aristotle University, to export its AI technology and seek expansion in the European market. The investments focus on the transportation sector through the production of a self-propelled bus, and on AI technologies for smart cities.

A new wave of economic activity is at the horizon, and China undoubtedly is at its cutting edge. We wrote about it in our latest blog post.

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Volvo teams up with Nvidia to use AI for self-driving vehicles

The multinational company Volvo, the second biggest truck-maker in the world, is teaming up with the American tech company Nvidia to develop a new generation of trucks, powered by AI. Volvo is not new to this, having already presented its first prototype of self driving vehicle, called Vera, about a year ago, but this collaboration will open new interesting scenarios on implementation of artificial intelligence into large businesses.

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