Tsingtao’s Digital Expansion in the UK and Ireland}

Tsingtao’s Digital Expansion in the UK and Ireland

Originating in Qingdao in 1903, Tsingtao has transformed into an international beer phenomenon. With a unique blend of East and West, it reaches over 100 countries, brewing an impressive 18 billion bottles annually – that's roughly 40,000 bottles enjoyed every minute worldwide [1].

Reflecting its innovative spirit, Tsingtao introduced its 2022 global brand campaign, "Nice To Have Around” [2]. This campaign is a vibrant portrayal of the brand's DNA, characterized by fun, celebration, and shared moments of camaraderie.

Tsingtao's influence, however, isn't limited to physical distribution. The brand has also made significant strides in the digital realm. Through partnerships with popular food delivery platforms like Just Eat Takeaway, Uber Eats, and Deliveroo, Tsingtao is extending its reach and ensuring that customers can conveniently enjoy its unique brew.

To gain a deeper understanding of this, let's focus on Tsingtao's digital journey. In the following sections, we'll delve into its performance within the online markets of the UK and Ireland from the start of 2022 to May 2023.

The prevalence of Tsingtao on food delivery platforms in the UK and Ireland

The digital landscape serves as a critical battleground for brands looking to establish and grow their market presence. Digital Storefronts (DSFs) - the online points of sale where a brand is available - are a telling indicator of this market penetration. The more DSFs a brand is available on, the wider its market penetration. Tsingtao is available on a variety of food delivery platforms in the UK and Ireland, such as Just Eat Takeaway, Uber Eats, and Deliveroo. The selection of Tsingtao beers offered varies among restaurants and stores, but it generally includes Tsingtao and Tsingtao 1903.

Tsingtao in the UK

Tsingtao's digital footprint in the UK has been on the rise. Back in February 2022, Tsingtao found its place in about 2% of all DSFs that sell beer making up just under 0.5% of the total digital storefronts. A year down the line in 2023, Tsingtao upped its game and claimed roughly 3% of digital beer-selling spaces. The percentage of online joints selling beer slightly grew from 18% to 19%.

Tsingtao in Ireland

In Ireland, Tsingtao hit the ground running. As of August 2022, Tsingtao was the beer of choice in around 5% of all DSFs that sell beer, and these spots made up almost 1% of all digital stores. Fast forward to February 2023, the percentage of online beer stores stocking Tsingtao dipped to about 4.7%, but the good news is these stores made up a slightly larger share of all digital stores of above 1%. The number of online spots selling beer jumped from 16% to more than 17%.

Despite its impressive presence, Tsingtao operates in the highly competitive digital beer market - a challenge that is far from a simple task. However, the brand's resilient ascension within the UK and Ireland's online space is a testament to its determination to overcome these challenges.

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