US vs UK: Snickers' Digital Journey}

US vs UK: Snickers' Digital Journey

In the world of favorite sweets, Snickers holds a standout spot. First brought to life in 1930 by the Mars family, Snickers quickly won hearts with its unique blend of nougat, peanuts, and caramel [1]. Despite the initial worries over its 20-cent price tag during a time when candies were only 5 cents, Snickers not only survived but thrived, perhaps fueled by the curiosity it sparked. Over the decades, the brand has expanded and reinvented its offerings, gaining fans all over the globe. Importantly, a $5 million deal in 1984 made Snickers the official snack of the Olympics, amplifying its global recognition.

Today, Snickers maintains its successful march, notably in the online world. Our data, tracking Snickers' online visibility and prices from May 2022 to February 2023, tells a captivating story. In this blog post, we will delve deeper into Snickers' digital journey across the Atlantic. How has the brand fared in the competitive UK and US markets? How have the price and the number of digital storefronts (DSFs) selling Snickers evolved? And what does this mean for the brand as it continues to strive and thrive in this ever-evolving marketplace? 

Join us as we unwrap the data and uncover the sweet secrets behind Snickers' ongoing success in this digital age.

Market Penetration: Snickers in the US vs the UK

Let's take a look at how Snickers is performing in the US and UK by examining the digital storefronts (DSFs) that offer this beloved candy bar. In the UK, Snickers is present in 11% of the DSFs on food delivery platforms such as UberEats, Just-Eat and Deliveroo. Seeing a small increase from last year where there were 10% of the DSF selling Snickers. In its home country, the US, where we are taking a look at UberEats, Grubhub and Doordash, Snickers showed a similar growth trajectory. It grew from a 5% presence within the DSF in May 2022, to a 7% presence in February 2023.

Although in actual numbers more US stores offer Snickers, relatively Snickers holds a higher market penetration rate in the UK, considering the percentages. This could be due to numerous factors, such as the amount of grocery stores in the platforms, competition, and country-specific candy preferences. In essence, Snickers is thriving in both the US and the UK, with an increasing number of stores stocking this popular candy bar. 

Price Comparison: The US vs UK

In the US, Snickers have seen a little bump in the price over the past year. The average price of Snickers last year was around $3.90, but today the average price found on food delivery platforms went up to $4.14. This increase could be down to a variety of factors, like changes in the cost of ingredients and the shift in the economy. 

Across the Atlantic, In the UK, the price of a Snickers bar has been as reliable as a London bus, staying pretty steady at around £2.73. And while that's about $3.40 in US dollars, that is quite less than the $4.14 in the US. The price difference between the US and the UK can be mainly explained by the difference in size, and so price, of which Snickers is being offered.

Snickers Packaging and Ingredients: US vs UK

The packaging and ingredients of Snickers bars vary between the US and the UK, reflecting regional tastes and regulations [2]. In the US, you can get Snickers in seven different sizes. They start with the small "Bites'' and go all the way up to a massive half-kilo "Slice 'n Share". In the UK, they're a bit more modest, ranging from a little 20-gram bar up to the big "Duo", which is two 41.7-gram bars.

Ingredient-wise, US Snickers include milk chocolate, peanuts, corn syrup, among others. The UK counterpart has sugar, peanuts, glucose syrup, and cocoa butter, to name a few. UK law requires 25% cocoa solids in milk chocolate, but in the US, it only needs 10% chocolate liquor. Also, US Snickers have corn syrup, while the ones in the UK use glucose syrup.

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