Candy Delivery in the US: A Sweet Reality}

Candy Delivery in the US: A Sweet Reality

In a land known for its diversity, there’s one thing that most Americans have in common: a shared love for sweets. The data we have gathered provides an eye-opening glance into this sugary landscape, putting some of the biggest candy manufacturers under the spotlight.

Mars, Mondelez, Haribo, and Hershey - these names are as iconic as the stars on the American flag. More than just manufacturers, they are a testament to the country's timeless love affair with confectioneries. As varied as they are, in the candy world they all find common ground in the digital marketplace - with thousands of digital storefronts (DSFs) across the US selling their popular treats.

Let's take a closer look at each manufacturer and the sweet confections they produce.

Dominant Forces in the Candy World: Mars, Mondelez, Haribo, and Hershey

Mars, Mondelez, Haribo, and Hershey are four powerhouses in the global candy industry. Mars, with roots dating back to 1923, is known for treats like Skittles and Snickers. It's grown into a multinational company with a substantial $45 billion in annual sales as of 2022. Mondelez, born from Kraft Foods in 2012, boasts a varied product portfolio with beloved brands like Oreos and Cadbury [1]. This multinational company operates in around 160 countries and has an annual revenue of approximately $26 billion. German candy creator Haribo, founded in 1920, revolutionized the candy industry by introducing the first gummy candy [2]. Today, Haribo's 16 factories churn out over 100 million of their signature Goldbear gummies each day. Lastly, Hershey, an American icon since 1894, has consistently innovated and expanded beyond chocolates to include brands like Reese’s and ventures into healthier snack options [3]. Each of these brands has made significant contributions to the candy world, setting trends and shaping tastes globally.

Sweet Success: How US Favorite Candies are Winning in the Digital Space

In the dynamic world of digital storefronts, let's continue our journey into the realm of candies. The candy realm has been blossoming with our favorites - Skittles, Starburst, Sour Patch, Haribo, Jolly Rancher, and Twizzlers - making quite a splash. These beloved brands are making an impact on Doordash, one of the leading delivery platforms, as seen by their significant penetration rates.

Leading the pack is Mars' colorful Skittles, which has an impressive penetration rate of approximately 7.00%. Not too far behind is another Mars product, Starburst, making its presence felt with a penetration rate of around 6.39%. The Hershey's owned candies, Jolly Rancher and Twizzlers, follow next. Jolly Rancher shows a respectable penetration of about 5.65%, while Twizzlers trails closely with a 5.39% penetration rate. Their unique flavors and dedicated fanbases contribute to their standing in the online candy landscape. Not to be outdone, Haribo and Sour Patch (a Mondelez product) also have a considerable online presence, as seen in their penetration rates of approximately 6.61% and 6.25% respectively. These figures highlight the diversity of taste preferences amongst online candy shoppers.

The presence of these candy brands in the digital storefront realm is not only marked by their impressive penetration rates, but also by their robust growth. From February 2022 to February 2023, the total number of Doordash digital storefronts grew by 15%. Amid this expansion, the representation of our six chosen candy brands has surged remarkably.

Mars' Skittles and Starburst have led the charge, experiencing a staggering growth of 4502% over the year. This growth story carries on with Hershey's Jolly Rancher and Twizzlers, which have seen an overall increase of 161% in Doordash digital storefronts, with a further growth of 459% in stores specifically carrying Hershey's products.

Adding to the growth narrative, Haribo and Sour Patch (a Mondelez product) have also made significant strides. Haribo demonstrated a robust year-over-year growth rate of 624% in total Doordash storefronts. Likewise, Sour Patch left a significant mark with an increase of 587% over the same period. These growth figures underscore the diversity of taste preferences among online candy shoppers and illustrate the dynamic landscape of the online candy market.

In conclusion, the digital landscape of the candy world is as vibrant and multifaceted as the candies Americans love. These brands have proven their adaptability in a competitive online market, enhancing US digital shopping experiences with their distinctive charm. These impressive growth figures paint an optimistic picture of a future full of sweet possibilities for online candy shopping. So, here's to more online candy adventures!

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