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Align Technologies uses Dashmote to identify and segment dental practices}

Align Technologies uses Dashmote to identify and segment dental practices


The sheer amount of dental practices across large regions made it challenging for Align Technologies to determine where to focus their sales efforts. Having little to no location data at their disposal, identifying high value prospects in the market was more guesswork than data-driven decision making.

Identifying keywords on dental practices' website


Leveraging the Dashmote platform, Align Technologies increased visibility on the market to better segment dental practices. 

Examples of location data points they previously had no visibility are: 


Dashmote allowed Align Technologies to gain more transparency on the Outlet Universe. Using online data, they started to rank prospective outlets in the market based on variables like product offering, location and popularity.

Increasing revenue by 2x

This enabled their sales and marketing team to work more data driven and have accounts that do double the amount of revenue (2x) compared to previously non-dashmote generated sales prospects.