Dashmote sees 193% growth [Press Release]}

Dashmote sees 193% growth [Press Release]

March, 2021

[Amsterdam, The Netherlands – March, 2021]

Dashmote, the Amsterdam headquartered tech scale-up, saw 193% year-on-year growth in 2020. As more and more industry leaders look for opportunities to grow online, the Dashmote platform continues to facilitate growth within new and existing customers.

Expanding its global footprint towards 17 new countries resulting in a 193% increase in ARR, Dashmote continues to establish itself as a leading global SaaS business.

The pandemic has challenged conventional route-to-consumer (RTC) tactics and accelerated previously emerging digital trends. As the consumer moves more and more online, the digital storefront continues to overtake its brick-and-mortar equivalent. Optimizing the so-called digital shelves has therefore become a top priority for the industry.

“Our solutions have proven to stand the test of time, even during a pandemic-infused market shock. It is even more so incredibly exciting to have industry leaders like Coca Cola, Heineken, Nestlé Waters, Diageo and Royal Swinkels Family Brewers by our side as we move forward,” says Dennis Tan, Founder & CEO, Dashmote.

While customer data platforms and other data-focused solutions continue to boom, Dashmote remains focused on bringing together the internal and external digital world. Not only supporting clients in making sense of internal data sources, but even more so empowering them to navigate the outside world and the white space within it.

Dashmote expects its growth to continue into 2021, as industry leaders will increasingly aim to combine the offline and online world, in their continuous quest to reach the twenty-first century consumer.

About Dashmote
Dashmote is an AI tech scale-up headquartered in Amsterdam, with offices in Shanghai and New York. With products empowering world-class corporations like Coca-Cola, it is Dashmote’s mission to lead people and corporations through today’s data-driven world.

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