Food trends in the US meal delivery market

The US is the second largest meal delivery market (behind China) globally. BusinessWire indicated that the US online food delivery market reached a value of 23.4 Billion USD in 2021, and it is expected to reach 42.6 Billion USD by 2027 [1], with an annual growth rate (CAGR 2021 – 2027) of 10.5%. By analysing data from the three main delivery platforms - DoorDash, Uber Eats, and Grubhub, we are excited to provide insights into the US meal delivery market.

Top food items on meal delivery platforms

Our data reveals that chicken, salads, and fries are the top three most listed food items on meal delivery in the US. Out of more than 1.3 million Digital Storefronts (DSFs*) in the US by August 2022, around 75% of all DSFs listed chicken, 50% listed salads, and 46% listed fries. 

*A DSF refers to the electronic representation of a business on a meal delivery platform. A business can be listed on three different meal delivery platforms (e.g. DoorDash, GrubHub and Ubereats), in our data that would be counted as three DSFs and one outlet. 

Food trends per meal delivery platform

Our data shows that all three platforms value ease and convenience, and the top listed foods vary very slightly between these platforms. Understanding the key trends and overall characteristics of meal delivery platforms will benefit your business in discovering the opportunities in the market.

Food trends on meal delivery per region

In the United States, West Virginia has the highest percentage of DSFs listing chicken dishes, sandwiches and burgers. New Jersey has the most DSFs listing salads. Lowa has over 1/3 of DSFs selling taco. Pizza is most popular in Wisconsin. Interestingly, Hawaii has the lowest percentage of DSFs listing pizza, which is only 10%.

Platforms such as DoorDash, Uber Eats, and Grubhub have widely opened the delivery space in the US, making it significantly easier for businesses of all sizes to sell their product online and have it delivered straight to customers. Unlocking opportunities in the complex ecosystem of the US food delivery industry requires constant tracking and analysing the latest data to gain a sophisticated understanding of where the market is heading.

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It all started in a garage, from the imagination of three young entrepreneurs. They wanted to use artificial intelligence to allow people to understand the world they live in.

Now, five years and hundreds of thousands of code lines later, their creature, Dashmote, secured $2.8 million from a pool of American and Chinese investors. Our game steps up to the next level.

The early years of Dashmote‍

In its early days, Dashmote was, as it often happens with enterprises that move in rapidly changing high-tech environments, not what it is today. “Initially – Stefan Tan, Dashmote’s CFO explains – we were a stock image aggregator.” And this made sense back then, because, he continues “training algorithms running unstructured data requires a lot of practice.”

Our goal was clear from the beginning, though. Unlocking the real power of AI, for all. Working with companies, innovators, visionaries, providing them with a tool to understand the data that is generated every day in the online world. A tool that they could use to give people a better experience, a better service – a better life if one wants to think big.

Growing fast in the Artificial Intelligence world‍

Every day, 3 billion images are uploaded on the web. Such data can “talk” to us, if we ask the right AI-powered questions. Data can tell us many, many things, showing us the direction we should head toward.

Over the few years that separate us from that moment when Stefan, Dennis, Matthaus and, later, Adrian, created Dashmote, a number of big international players understood this and started working with us.

Coca Cola, Heineken, Unilever, L’Oreal, are some of them. They want to provide a better service to their customers and, to do so, they need to know them well, understand what they want and surprise them every day.

Large companies that operate in consumer electronics, food and beverage, and cosmetics use our solutions to sharpen their marketing efforts and up-sell capabilities. Data analysis is used to discover market trends, operate an effective segmentation of the offer, and measure the audience sentiment and engagement.

In less than 4 years our team grew from less than ten to more than forty dedicated and enthusiastic professionals, coming from everywhere in the world and distributed into our three main offices – Amsterdam, Shanghai and New York. This number is going to double by the end of 2019. We will be almost a hundred, and openings of new offices in the U.S. and Asia are foreseen for the near future.

The Funding ‍

The funding we received comes from a group of American and Chinese investors. It includes entrepreneurs from SP Investment Associates (SPIA), Three Curve Capital (TCC) and Gaomei Yunjing Investments.

We are very pleased with the international group of investors. They are a great fit to our ambition to solidify our position in existing markets and to roll out to new markets,” Dennis Tan, our CEO explains.

We will benefit from the international experience of SPI and Three Curve Capital. It’s not only about the money they brought to the table: they will allow us to get stronger and grow our network even more.

As for Gaomei, Chines VC, this is the first investment outside their home country and we believe this must mean something. In Ning Gu’s – founder and general partner at Gaomei – words:  “Dennis and Stefan have proven even before we came along that they had a clear vision on how to enter Asian marketsThey have done so successfully with their own strategy of local culture and approach with an international push.

What lies ahead for Dashmote‍

We will use this fresh capital to expand our product portfolio. Dashmote’s AI technology is now predominantly serving image analytics for trend, brand, and location intelligence services.

Moreover, in the near future, we will unlock information coming from online video material – another potentially inexhaustible source of insights for companies. Together with a new way to visualize the gathered information, this will offer companies even more possibilities to understand data and leverage it for marketing, strategy and sales purposes.

Great things are on the horizon for us. This is just the beginning of a wonderful journey.

[Amsterdam, The Netherlands – March, 2021]

Dashmote, the Amsterdam headquartered tech scale-up, saw 193% year-on-year growth in 2020. As more and more industry leaders look for opportunities to grow online, the Dashmote platform continues to facilitate growth within new and existing customers.

Expanding its global footprint towards 17 new countries resulting in a 193% increase in ARR, Dashmote continues to establish itself as a leading global SaaS business.

The pandemic has challenged conventional route-to-consumer (RTC) tactics and accelerated previously emerging digital trends. As the consumer moves more and more online, the digital storefront continues to overtake its brick-and-mortar equivalent. Optimizing the so-called digital shelves has therefore become a top priority for the industry.

“Our solutions have proven to stand the test of time, even during a pandemic-infused market shock. It is even more so incredibly exciting to have industry leaders like Coca Cola, Heineken, Nestlé Waters, Diageo and Royal Swinkels Family Brewers by our side as we move forward,” says Dennis Tan, Founder & CEO, Dashmote.

While customer data platforms and other data-focused solutions continue to boom, Dashmote remains focused on bringing together the internal and external digital world. Not only supporting clients in making sense of internal data sources, but even more so empowering them to navigate the outside world and the white space within it.

Dashmote expects its growth to continue into 2021, as industry leaders will increasingly aim to combine the offline and online world, in their continuous quest to reach the twenty-first century consumer.

About Dashmote
Dashmote is an AI tech scale-up headquartered in Amsterdam, with offices in Shanghai and New York. With products empowering world-class corporations like Coca-Cola, it is Dashmote’s mission to lead people and corporations through today’s data-driven world.

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We don’t know about you, but it seems like 2020 hasn’t been THE year so far. Fortunately, we are a “glass half full, not half empty” company (Beverage pun intended), which is why we wanted to update you on some global office highlights from these past months.


We were selected to join PwC’s Raise Program 7.0, guiding promising companies and 60+ institutional investors through their fundraising process. After 10 weeks of workshops and networking, our cohort was introduced to the market  and 100+ investors at the Investor Day last week. For the first time ever, the entire programme was run digitally – “a fantastic testament to the resilience of the venture industry!” Big shoutout to Alice Olafare for guiding us through Raise and congrats to fellow startups Eave, Sprintlaw, Optimitive, Leaf, Include, Rickshaw, and Eebria on the successful completion of the program. 

Aside from the opportunities given to develop ourselves (kudos to all involved), we felt the need to get our hands dirty and help where we could. This is why we partnered up with Dutch Students for Entrepreneurship for their Students Against Corona Awards (SACA); a virtual, nationwide contest gathering interdisciplinary talents across the Netherlands’ top universities to combat the impact of the pandemic. The event resulted in 150+ student participants and 38 projects formed. Congrats to Lokale Markten – winner of SACA – who continued with their business following the awards and has just won the ‘Rotterdamse Ondernemerspitch’ out of 100+ applications. 


While settling in their new Shanghai offices, our China team was selected (from 2000 applications from around the globe) to participate in Plug and Play’s The Leading Brand & Retail Accelerator. Their3-month program – with a consortium of corporate partners on topics ranging from reducing friction in the customer experience to new business models – is helping us to get better acquainted with doing business in Japan. We also got to the final round of Unilever China’s Coding Your Future Hackathon, finding the most innovative business solutions and best AI solutions currently available. Exciting stuff!

New York

You have to be tough to make it in New York. New York Tough. Well, it’s safe to say our US team was up for the challenge. We even shared our experience in adapting to new challenges and opportunities presented by the pandemic at London & Partners and NUMA New York’s Global Startup Panel: Innovating During a Crisis. We got interviewed by TwentyFour as part of their podcast series covering selected scale-ups that successfully expanded to the US and were featured in a recent episode of Lennart van der Ziel’s Growtribute Podcast, discussing business networking secrets and more. Moreover, Dashmote has taken part in a recently published research and e-book Taking the Big Leap by Halve Maen – in conjunction with B. Building Business and PRLab – zooming in on the top challenges and best practices when expanding to NYC and Boston. 

One for all, all for one

Let’s get real here for a second. The past months – at times – were no fun ride for us either. Still, our incredible team pulled through and with focus and dedication, we are ready to rumble… possibly more than ever. We can’t wait to show you what we have in store for the times ahead, moving us all towards a truly data-driven world. Now let’s go kick some ass.