In the fast-paced business world, data is king. Companies are constantly striving to gain an edge over their competitors by collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data to inform their decision-making processes. However, accessing high-quality data can be a challenge, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that lack the resources to collect and analyze vast amounts of data.

That's where Dashmote and Syntho come in. These two Amsterdam-based companies have partnered to create a user-friendly software platform that will provide SMEs with access to valuable insights and recommendations based on AI and machine learning analysis of synthetic data.

About Dashmote: Dashmote is a leading software company that helps businesses unlock growth opportunities by extracting powerful insights from unstructured public data. Their clients include major companies such as Heineken, Coca-Cola, Unilever, and Nestle, who use Dashmote's data and AI algorithms to optimize their sales and marketing efforts and drive higher revenue.

About Syntho: Syntho, on the other hand, is dedicated to boosting innovation while preserving privacy through AI-generated synthetic data. Their synthetic data software platform uses advanced AI models to generate entirely new synthetic data that preserves the characteristics, relationships, and statistical patterns of the original data. This allows organizations to innovate without compromising on data privacy.

By collaborating together, we are focused on enhancing the competitive position of businesses in the Netherlands by making data widely accessible and encouraging the use of AI/ML techniques. The end result will be a SaaS platform where interested parties can access synthesized datasets and analyze them, either in-house or on the platform itself, using ML models to gain new market insights.

The partnership between Dashmote and Syntho is a significant step forward for SMEs who are looking to gain a competitive edge through data-driven insights. Simon Brouwer, CTO at Syntho, says, "Our collaboration empowers SME’s to make data-driven decisions and stay competitive, without compromising on data privacy and security."  By providing access to high-quality data and AI algorithms, the platform will enable SMEs to make informed decisions and drive growth.

Dennis Tan, CEO at Dashmote, notes that "Some partnerships just make sense, this one coming from our shared history of knowing each other for 10 years and our overlapping passion and expertise in data, AI & ML. Looking forward to seeing this collaboration add value to our customers and each other."

Supported by the RVO & NLAIC

This partnership is made possible through financial support from the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) and The Netherlands AI Coalition (NL AIC).

Join us on this exciting journey as we work to make data more accessible and insightful for SMEs worldwide!

Who are we?

Dashmote is the leading big data and AI analytics company in the food & beverage industry. We help F&B enterprises by empowering leaders and analysts to track and analyse publicly available data to contribute to making strategic decisions for your brand. Are you interested in retrieving market insights across food delivery and F&B?→ Please contact