Dashmote is visiting The Windy City: we’re joining the National Restaurant Association Show (May 21-24,2022) at McCormick Place, Chicago. It’s the largest restaurant conference in the United States. Why the City of Chicago? It’s the place to be if you’re in the foodservice industry. In addition to a great number of high-quality restaurants, major brands located their (global) HQ in the food-hub of The United States: McDonald’s, Mondelez, Mars Wrigley and US Foods. Pepsi, Tyson Foods and MillerCoors have major operations in this area. 

We look forward to (finally) connecting with our partners in-person (e.g. Coca-Cola Company, Heineken and Nestle) and we’ll announce the launch of our new product. Attendees will meet their peers, learn about new products and discover new market trends.

One of these major trends in 2022 is that managing a foodservice brand or restaurant is not only about the guest's experience in-person or offline (e.g. the restaurant’s vibe, the menu and in-house services), your guest experience incorporates more than that. Have you ever thought of the impact of Food Delivery Platforms (e.g. UberEats)? And how does this influence the decision making process of your guests?

We’re here to help you. Dashmote is a Data Democratization platform that turns data into actions. Our platform can extract valuable insights from unstructured public data, think of websites and machine learning. How would this relate to your day-to-day business? 

Our new product, DeliverMore, helps restaurants to optimize their online presence on Food Delivery Platforms, which results in 20% more revenue. DeliverMore shows you over-time how your location ranks for key search keywords (‘pizza’, ‘sushi’, ‘burger’) per postal code. Delivery App Optimization (DAO) helps you efficiently optimize your positioning compared to your competitors. DAO’s unique trend analysis feature allows you to unfold opportunities and strategically run marketing campaigns.

Do we need to say More? 

Our team is beyond excited to welcome you at our booth (South Building — 757a — Startup Alley) and/or our networking event (Technology in the Food & Beverage Industry @NRAS2022). Reach out to Jessica Arts for exclusive access to the May 23th event (5:30 PM).