Introduced in 1967 by McDonald’s franchise owner Jim Delligati, the Big Mac can be purchased today in over 100 countries. While the ingredients remain the same worldwide, the cost of a burger varies depending on which part of the world you are in, as evidenced by the Big Mac Index. The Big Mac Index [1] not only highlights the economic disparities between nations, but also serves as a tangible measure of purchasing power and cost of living across the globe, making it an essential tool for economic analysis and insight.

In a previous article, we showcased price comparisons of Big Macs in 2022 [link], and now it is time for us to circle back to our annual tradition and bring you the latest insights from the Big Mac Index over the past year.

At Dashmote, we aim to harness technology to bring you a comprehensive view of the food delivery landscape worldwide. This index is about more than comparing prices; it's about uncovering valuable economic insights and inflationary trends.

*prices were normalized to USD for better comparison

Price Variations Across Countries in Q4 2023

- From the 29 countries we did the analysis on, we note that average Big Mac prices on Food Delivery can vary from $2 up to almost $9.

- Switzerland ($8.7), Norway ($8. 6) and Finland ($8.1) are the countries with the highest Big Mac prices

- Indonesia ($2.6), Malaysia ($2.9) and Vietnam ($3.2) turned out to be the countries with the lowest prices out of all the ones we analyzed. 

Insights on Inflation rates from Q1 to Q4 2023

- Over the course of 2023, countries with the highest inflation rates are Turkey (+37.1%), Romania (+31.2%) and Norway (+15.7%).

- The lowest inflation rates come from France (+1.2%) and Germany (+3.8%).

- Interestingly, Malaysia and Vietnam Big Mac prices were the same, with 0% inflation rates.

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