Not only do we now share the same building, Ngrane and Dashmote share the same values and mission. We’re happy to announce a partnership where we will join the forces of data and design to empower both of our businesses digitally. 

Dashmote is a software company that aims to democratize data through AI, machine learning, and data science. We’re on a journey to make data easily accessible to everyone and unlock visibility on the market. Being the food delivery services (FSA) one of the main focuses, we have developed an algorithm that scrapes publicly available data in the food and beverage industry. This data provides detailed insights into the food and beverage industry and creates transparency for our clients.     

Guiding you through a data-driven world

Together with our clients in the food and beverage industry, we unlock valuable customer insights to guide them through a data-driven transformation. Our customers can easily keep track of their market share, which store sells their products, and exactly which products are represented throughout the market. We generate customized AI-based customer insights on a dashboard to solve their sales and marketing challenges, driving sales to a new level.

Designing the ultimate customized experience

Where Dashmote focuses on data entirely, Ngrane focuses on turning ideas into actionable results. They guide their clients through their thought processes, ensuring every detail is turned over twice. From avoiding biases, to thoroughly researching buyer personas, from the choice of tone-of-voice to the choice of brand colors, and from exploring business options to designing user-friendly designs - Ngrane guides its customers to connect with the right audience and goals to grow sustainably. 

Ngrane has been building unique customized digital experiences for various clients and has always kept the user experience in mind. Not only does the user experience on the website count, but the whole experience of the brand. How visible is the brand on social media, how can you sell an experience rather than a product? How can you reach the right audience, and how do you personalize this communication? And last but not least, how can you be more inclusive?

With a keen eye, Ngrane believes that design and digital experiences should be agile and data-driven. Data is needed to provide the best experience to customers, clients, or anyone who visits a digital environment.  

The power of data and design

To make the most of both visions, we decided to team up. Ngrane moved into our office building a little while ago, presenting the ultimate opportunity to start working together. Ngrane will help Dashmote with the design and social media strategy, and Dashmote will help Ngrane to become more data-driven. Perfect match, right?

From now on, we will post our insights regularly to work on our mission to democratize data. We will keep you informed on the ins and outs of the food and beverage industry and share our thoughts on them. 

Stay tuned if you want to know more about your opportunities in FSA!