Acqua Panna, renowned for its opulent Tuscan heritage and unparalleled smoothness, has garnered global acclaim, owing to its unwavering dedication to uncompromising quality. With a storied inception dating back to 1564, Acqua Panna has evolved into a venerated flagship brand under Nestlé Waters' umbrella, captivating palates in more than 130 countries worldwide.

In an era that has witnessed an astonishing surge in the bottled water industry, iconic brands like Acqua Panna have ascended to unprecedented heights. As of 2023, the global revenue in the Bottled Water segment stands at an impressive US$342.40 billion, projected to grow annually at a substantial rate of 5.24% (CAGR 2023-2027) [1]. Amidst an ever-expanding array of contenders vying for consumer attention in this fiercely competitive market, the realm of food delivery emerges as a new battleground.

The question of whether Acqua Panna performs as effectively in the global food delivery ecosystem as it does in the bottled water market brings about an intriguing perspective. In this article, we delve into a comprehensive analysis of Acqua Panna's performance, pricing strategies, and competitors across six key countries: the United States, the United Kingdom, Italy, France, Thailand, and the United Arab Emirates, to assess its food delivery market position.

Acqua Panna has just started its journey on global food delivery

According to Dashmote's data, Acqua Panna, the Italian bottled water brand, surprisingly does not have the highest penetration rate on Italian food delivery platforms. In Italy, only 0.74% of all digital storefronts list Acqua Panna in their menu. However, the brand has found greater success in other regions, with the highest food delivery penetration rate of 5.31% in the United Arab Emirates UAE. The United States follows closely with a penetration rate of 2.67%, while in France, Acqua Panna has the lowest food delivery penetration rate, with only 0.24% of all digital storefronts offering Acqua Panna products.

It is worth noting that certain digital storefronts do not explicitly disclose the brand names of their products on their platforms, which poses a challenge not only for consumers in identifying the brand associated with a particular water product but also for brands to emerge. In some cases, these platforms may use visual cues, such as product images, to indicate the brand. However, it is important to mention that these specific stores are not included in the current research, as this study is primarily based on data obtained from keywords.

Despite being recognized as a real ambassador of gourmet food and fine dining, Acqua Panna is still establishing a stronger presence in the global food delivery market. The brand's journey into this segment is relatively recent compared to its centuries-old history. To gain a prominent position in the food delivery market, Acqua Panna has strategically partnered with major players in the industry, such as Doordash and Uber Eats. These partnerships are aimed at enhancing the brand's accessibility and visibility to a wider audience of consumers.

As the food delivery sector continues to experience rapid growth and evolving economic structures, data insights play a crucial role in guiding Acqua Panna's strategic expansion. Leveraging data analytics can help the brand identify consumer preferences, optimise pricing strategies, and tailor marketing efforts to cater to diverse markets. Understanding the dynamics of the food delivery ecosystem, including the impact of global quick-delivery players and changing consumer trends, is pivotal for Acqua Panna to stay competitive and adapt to the evolving landscape.

Exploring the pricing strategies of Acqua Panna on food delivery

Acqua Panna is renowned as the first choice in high-end restaurants and establishments that prioritise serving high-quality water. Its premium positioning is evident in its relatively high price for bottled water. Based on the 2023 Q2 data from Dashmote, the pricings of Acqua Panna on food delivery platforms vary across different countries. The cheapest Acqua Panna is found in Italy, where it has an average price of €‎1.99 on food delivery platforms. Thailand and France follow closely, with average prices of €‎2.11 and €‎2.51, respectively. On the other hand, the US offers the most expensive Acqua Panna, with an average price of €‎3.84 on platforms.

When it comes to price increases since 2022 Q2, France(+19.5%)  and the US (+12.3%) experienced the largest percentage increases. The UK did not witness any price increases during this period. In contrast, Thailand (-6.2%), the UEA (-5.1%) and Italy (-2.0%) all  saw a decrease in price of Acqua Panna on food delivery platforms.

Competitors overview

Based on Dashmote's data on the six countries in the current studies, some of Acqua Panna's biggest competitors in the food delivery market have been identified, as shown in the above graph.

Dasani, although exclusively sold in the US, emerges as the primary competitor of Acqua Panna in terms of digital storefront listings, boasting up to 8.5 times more listings on food delivery platforms compared to Acqua Panna. Perrier, on the other hand, competes with Acqua Panna by targeting consumers who prefer sparkling water, offering a distinct choice for those seeking carbonated beverages. There are around 6 times more digital storefronts offering Perrier than Acqua Panna.

Voss, known for its high-quality bottled water, is listed by a similar number of digital storefronts on food delivery platforms as Acqua Panna. Both brands attract consumers seeking premium and superior bottled water options.

S.Pellegrino, the premium Italian sparkling mineral water, is also a part of Nestlé's brand portfolio. The current study shows that it is listed seven times more frequently than Acqua Panna on various food delivery platforms. Renowned for its fine dining appeal, S.Pellegrino has been producing exceptional mineral water with a delightful taste since 1899. The remarkable success of San Pellegrino in the food delivery industry indicates that there is substantial room for Acqua Panna to expand its presence and market share.

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