The food delivery space continues to grow into a decisive sales channel for foodservice players across the globe. In parallel, it has become more important than ever for beverage corporations to ensure their products are available and well-positioned on restaurants' digital shelves. Instead of going into a physical restaurant and taking a look at the menu, consumers increasingly make use of the wide variety of food service aggregators out there. 

For beverage market leaders like Coca-Cola, not having your products on the digital shelf has major negative implications on overall sales numbers. Therefore, Coca-Cola aims to ensure optimal distribution across top restaurants and food service aggregators like UberEats. In order to do so, it requires full visibility on the outlet universe and its main characteristics. 


Leveraging the Dashmote platform, Coca-Cola is able to steer its sales efforts into the right direction. From focusing on specific segments, all the way down to individual outlets meeting its sales execution criteria. 

Doing so, it’s able to answer business questions like:

Coca-Cola leverages the Dashmote platform to optimize 'meal deal' distribution


Objectives achieved through usage of the Dashmote platform include: