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Sales companion

The sales insights
you need to improve
your team’s strike rate

Looking to find new outlets for my sales team, identify how likely they are to convert, and export them to my CRM to get my team up and running.

Looking to discover the market share of my brand portfolio per segment & region and benchmark it against competitor brands. Generate strategic and actionable insights.
Increase your strike rates

How does the Sales Companion work?

Brand Insights
Get an overview of the market share of your
brands in various regions and segments.
Filter on combinations of brands to discover 
up- and cross-sell opportunities.
Understand patterns of specific brands,
segments, and different locations.

Outlet Insights
Scan your map for outlets and filter
them on common parameters.
Get detailed information on each
outlet, such as: opening hours, contact details,
popularity and much more.
Browse through the list and prioritize targets.
Share with your team via CRM integration or PDF.


Stop guessing! Join the likes of Coke, Diageo, Heineken and Bacardi – start making data-driven decisions to ramp up your sales.

Win brand battles

Go head-to-head with your competition.

Save the time of your sales team

Send your sales team to the right outlets, with the right product.

Segment your market with ease

Take out the guesswork and focus your time on closing deals.

Generate target lists

Create segmented target lists with ease and share them with your team.

Zoom-in on outlet level

Get the detailed outlet information you always wanted.

Export to PDF or CRM

Make the insights actionable for your team.



Let us help you find
the right outlets
for your sales team.

Identify outlets based on conversion potential, create actionable target lists and share with your sales team.

Start driving your Beverage Sales

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