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Get insight
into the long tail
of E-Commerce

Looking to optimize my E-Commerce strategy and brand positioning.

Looking to gain insights into how E-Commerce players position my brand.

Looking to improve my brand listings across E-Commerce platforms.


Monitor the
E-Commerce channel

Get insight into the Long Tail of E-Commerce
stores that distribute your products. Our
E-Commerce Radar provides you with detailed
insight into how your brands are perceived
across distribution points. This to optimize your
distribution to drive top-line growth.


Stop guessing! Join the likes of Coke, Diageo, Heineken and Bacardi – start making data-driven decisions to ramp up your sales.

Product Monitoring

Track pricing, Availability, and Positioning of your products online.

Competitive Analysis

Monitor Competition on the various e-commerce marketplaces.

Select & Rank high potential sellers

Engage in direct contact with high performing sellers.

Compliance Radar

Identify rogue sellers and price violations across distribution points.

Branding Compliance

Monitor Brand Image & PIM Compliance.

Sales Recommendation model

Our recommendation engine helps you to decide the best next action for your sales force.


Optimize your positioning to drive top-line growth

Perfect your E-Commerce positioning.
Dashmote is here to guide you through
today’s data-driven world.

Optimize your
E-Commerce Play  

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  • Be there for you to answer all your questions throughout the whole implementation process

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