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Exploring the digital and on-trade Spirits market

Companies that operate within the Spirits market work with us to gain a better view of their and their competitors’ performance in the on-trade channel. Thanks to our solutions they can better understand their customers and make more informed and data-driven decisions

Countries in Scope
Unique Outlets


The Spirits market poses a number of issues to brands:

  • They have a limited understanding of their presence and performance in the meal delivery channels
  • They lack continuous insights into the meal delivery universe
  • The information on the distribution of competitor’s brands is often insufficient or incomplete
  • They need detailed information on a single outlet level (product pricing, brand list, drink categories, popular cuisines, etc)

Dashmote Solution

We use our AI-powered proprietary technology to process data on outlet characteristics and menu portfolio information from online sources.

Using our tools, our clients gain a clear view of their market share. They can identify purchase patterns, spot trends and improve the granularity of their distribution.


Moreover, they can stay ahead of the competition. The data we provide can be filtered to select the part of the market owned by other brands, to understand their choices and act accordingly.




Identify more opportunities by having a market overview.


Increase in conversion rates

By better preparing your sales pitch with market intelligence.


Top-line Revenue

Gap analysis and revenue growth is a click away.

Dashmote dashboard for location intelligence

How do we visualize the insights?

The collaboration with our clients is a journey that leads to always-new improvements.

Our Dashboard allows them to filter data in several different ways, based on the typology of the market they operate in so that they can maximize the insights extracted from our tools.


Going the extra mile for Spirits Brands

Convenience stores are typically difficult to map out, due to the lack of extensive online data. But using our proprietary algorithms we are able to isolate the typology based on the outlet characteristics.


Dashmote dashboard for location intelligence

Start driving your Beverage Sales

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  • Discuss your user case and the specific needs of your company
  • Walk you through all the different functions and tools you will get access to
  • Be there for you to answer all your questions throughout the whole implementation process

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