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Unlocking the potential of the complete outlet universe 

We provide world-class beverage brands with an entirely new way to approach the on-trade and online meal delivery market across Europe. Working with us, they can understand this segment and improve their sales performance within it.

Countries of Scope
Unique Outlets


The Soft Drinks market is a rapidly shifting environment and poses a number of problems to companies that operate in it:

  • They need reliable information to be able to identify new prospects
  • They lack a granular view of the market and it is difficult for them to asses the current sales of their brands
  • They want to identify new locations with high growth potential
  • Data on the soft drinks market is badly needed, to be able to make more informed strategic decisions

Dashmote Solution

Using our proprietary AI-driven technology, we source and index online information of the F&B operators present across different online channels.

Thanks to beverage industry-specific data models, we provide our clients with a granular view of the digital beverage universe. We accurately geo-localize thousands of outlets and enable brands to visualize relevant outlets within the area of their choice.




Identify more opportunities by having a complete market overview.



Conversion Rates

By helping sales reps prepare their pitch with market intelligence.


Top-line Revenue

Gap analysis and revenue growth are a click away.

Dashmote dashboard for location intelligence

How do we visualize the insights?

Every client we work for has specific goals in mind. Our Dashboard contains all they need to extract impactful insights from raw data.

For example, some of our clients are interested in identifying outlets that offer what we call “meal deals”, that is, combinations of food and beverage products. Meal deals represent a cross-sell opportunity for them.


Going the extra mile

Moreover, it is crucial for many brands to view what percentage of the outlets is present on RDI(Meal Delivery) platforms.

Such a filter is integrated with our Dashboard, and helps them deep-dive into the meal delivery segment to extract clear and useful data.


Dashmote dashboard for location intelligence

Start driving your Beverage Sales

Schedule a demo session and let us show you what our solutions can do for you!

Our specialists will:

  • Discuss your user case and the specific needs of your company
  • Walk you through all the different functions and tools you will get access to
  • Be there for you to answer all your questions throughout the whole implementation process

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