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Investigating the on-trade
distribution in the Beer market

Our AI-powered solutions help international beer producers gain an unprecedented view of the on-trade channel, providing them with crucial insights to improve their marketing and sales operations.

Countries of Scope
Unique Outlets


Companies that are active in the Beer market face a number of problems:

  • They lack visibility over the operations of their distribution partners
  • They need to access clear information on what type of outlets sell their products, how much they sell, at what price and to whom
  • They want to have a granular view of the local outlet landscape without performing expensive trade census operations

Dashmote Solution

We deploy our unique triple-layered AI technology to extract data from online sources and we visualize it into our Dashboard.

Adopting it, our clients that operate in the Beer industry can have an overview of their market share per beer segment. This feature is a must-have for beer brands and, together with a QoQ comparison of the data, it allows them to be in total control of their marketing and sales operations, to spot trends and gaps in the market and act accordingly.




Identify more opportunities by having a market overview.


Conversion Rates

By helping sales reps prepare their pitch with market intelligence.


Top-line Revenue

Gap analysis and revenue growth are a click away.

Dashmote dashboard for location intelligence

How do we visualize the insights?

We know every market has its own peculiarities and companies in the brewery business need to have a thorough knowledge of the different distributors in the On-Trade universe.

Our AI-powered Dashboard gives them all the information they need to explore and thrive within their segment.

Going the extra mile with 0.0% 

We developed a filter that allows them to separate outlets that sell alcoholics from the ones that don’t, to understand how their brands are performing and push their 0% beer in the most effective way.

Dashmote dashboard for location intelligence

Start driving your Beverage Sales

Schedule a demo session and let us show you what our solutions can do for you!

Our specialists will:

  • Discuss your user case and the specific needs of you company
  • Walk you through all the different functions and tools you will get access to
  • Be there for you to answer all your questions throughout the whole implementation process

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