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How did Dashmote successfully transition to a well-connected digital team during these unprecedented times?

As a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, many companies, including us at Dashmote, have had to quickly adapt to new ways of working.

To limit staff exposure to the corona-virus whether it concerns our coworkers in Amsterdam, Shanghai, Vienna, or New York our Management team (the Taskforce Antivirus team) made the decision to transition to full-time work from home as of  Monday 16 March.
As an Agile AI Tech scale-up, we pride ourselves on being adaptive to change, open, innovative, and creative. Those attributes have enabled us to embrace this workplace shift, but we have, of course, faced the inherent challenges of remote working in an uncertain time.

We recognize that there are multiple dynamics at play in creating a successful digital team, so we’ve put together a series of initiatives that we would like to share focusing on safety, productivity, well-being, and communications to enable and sustain a high-performing team:


  • Assigned a Task-force to support the team on a daily basis during this global pandemic
  • Kept a close eye on the COVID-19 latest data to inform the team on a daily basis of updates and changes to our plans (analysing data is our passion after all) 


  • Ensured that all team members have the right work set-up at home & appropriate access to our collaboration tools that include Zoom, Gmail, Hangouts, Slack, Sococo
  • Created a “Staying Productive While Working from Home, Tips & Tricks” Handbook 
  • Reinforced our communications plan, increased team lead check-ins & business updates to strengthen team collaboration and transparency
  • Adjusted our recruitment & on-boarding processes so that we can continue to hire and welcome new team members


  • Created a “How To Outsmart The Coronavirus” Handbook 2.0 emphasizing how to boost immunity and create mental resilience and physical strength
  • Sent a “Well-being Survey” each week to take the pulse of our dear team members
  • Organized quick, individual, 15 minutes touch points with the team to address concerns, questions & stay connected


  • Scheduled digital lunch breaks & coffee hangouts with team members across the business via Hangouts & Slack
  • Provided the team with a “Digital Events Calendar” where they can find information on various online events such as meetups, workshops, panel discussions or even workout sessions 
  • Organized “Friday Digital Happy Hour” to celebrate the end of the week as a team via Zoom

We are committed to helping mitigate the COVID-19 outbreak by taking social responsibility & educating our team on how to support efforts against the global pandemic while continuing to serve our customers effectively. Together we are stronger.


Learn more about how we overcame the pitfalls of working from home and many other handy tips and tricks by downloading our guide.

In this guide you can find:

  • Productivity Tips
  • Well being guidance
  • Tools to keep you on top of your game

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