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Dashmote Connect 2019

Most of us know what a synapse is, right? It is a structure that permits a neuron – or nerve cell – to pass an electrical or chemical signal to another neuron.

Simply put, a synapse is a connection. Human beings’ brains shot an insane number of them every second of their lives. The more numerous the synapses are, the faster the connections become and the better the resulting performance is.


A startup’s synapse

But what is a synapse for a startup? If a startup is a brain, then every person that works in it or collaborates with it – every mentor, every colleague, every friend, family member or supporter – is a connection, a synapse, that is.

Five years ago, Dennis, Stefan, Mattheus and Adrian connected, they had a shared idea they believed in and triggered a chemical reaction to make it real. They created Dashmote to explore the future with AI.

At first, there was EVE, the concept with which they started, a stock pictures aggregator designed to help companies find the free images they were looking for.

And then, after millions of images were processed and algorithms were fed, what Dashmote is today was born. A bigger and stronger company that works with market players such as Coca Cola, Heineken, Unilever to help them better understand their market and their customers thanks to AI-driven solutions.


Dashmote Connect, to talk about artificial intelligence

But this brain we call a start-up needs to keep growing, as to a higher number of synapses corresponds a higher amount and quality of the ideas generated. And of course, the more and the better the ideas are, the more disruptive the achievable change is.

As Dennis Tan, our CEO, said: “Once you work with amazing people, you will find more amazing people.”

That’s why we decided to create Dashmote Connect 2019. We didn’t want to wait for slow and controlled growth. We decided to artificially trigger a bigger reaction, instead.

We gathered all the people that believe in us – investors, clients, colleagues, friends and family members – to make them talk, interact, react. The theme was clear, it was artificial intelligence, its present and future implications and our present and future as a company moving in this field.

We invited world-class specialists in AI and entrepreneurship: Rina Joosten, entrepreneur and member of the AI Taskforce in the Netherlands; Erik de Heer, Head of EYnovation Netherlands; Stella Brenninkmeijer, Vice President Marketing Innovation & Digital at Essent; Remco Janssen, founder of Proudly Represent and moderator of our event.

With them, we tackled a huge topic because, as Remco said, “AI is everything.” AI is being implemented in so many different fields and its connections with business are tighter and tighter – soon there won’t be a business without artificial intelligence.

And of course, we talked ourselves. Our colleagues Stefan, Julien, Matty, Emma and Arnoud went on stage to talk about the different aspects of what we do, from our technology to the inclusive culture we built within Dashmote – professionals from 25 different countries work with us.

Dashmote Connect 2019 was the first of many events in which we will talk about what we do and ask our connections to help us get stronger and grow bigger.

We are going where AI is going, and AI is going where we are headed.