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Dashmote Biweekly #4

Dashmote Biweekly brings you, every two weeks, the most interesting facts, exciting applications and ideas related to AI, data, marketing, sales and business.

F&B Industries are Now Taking Advantage of ‘Big Data’

Big Data is at the core of business strategies because it provides insight for consumer preferences. That is why the Food and Beverage Industries are now embracing the power of AI and using it to predict consumer preferences of food and beverage products.

“What we have seen in the past five years is some companies hired a big data person, and they started analyzing their own data,” said Lu Ann Williams, Innova Market Insights’ director of insights and innovation, during a panel discussion about the future of the food industry.

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The Technology Behind Customer Experience Success

Customer experience is one of the most important but also the hardest things to deliver when it comes to business. Using data and technology to understand the consumer’s needs is brands’ key to success.

“As Nationwide’s chief products and propositions officer Chris Rhodes says: ‘We have millions of customer interactions each day through a variety of different channels, every one of which will have a different need or goal.’ ”

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Dashmote Location Intelligence solutions

Artificial Intelligence and its influence on Digital Marketing

AI-powered digital marketing tools are now the focus of startups and large companies, using data to enhance their campaign planning and decision making.

“AI-powered analytics tools provide better insights for campaign management, budget planning, & ROI analysis” Richa Pathak, a Digital Marketing expert explains. AI can not only gather insights from a massive number of data sources, but it can also do it in the blink of an eye.

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Dashmote Connect 2019: The Power of Synapses

If a startup is a brain, then every person that works in it or collaborates with it – every mentor, every colleague, every friend, family member or supporter – is a connection, a synapse, that is.

That’s why we organized Dashmote Connect 2019 where we gathered all the people that believe in us – investors, clients, colleagues, friends and family members – to make them talk, interact, react.

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