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Dashmote Biweekly #3

Dashmote Biweekly brings you, every two weeks, the most interesting facts, exciting applications and ideas related to AI, data, marketing, sales and business.

Unilever’s data-driven approach is making the difference

The FMCG giant Unilever has been implementing AI within its different departments for some time now, and its CEO Alan Jope recently declared this is making the difference.

“Our brand communications are led by a deliberate and data-driven audience segmentation and programmatic approach to media buying,” he explained. This shift to a more data-driven marketing has been positively impacting the ROI. Now the challenge is training employees to use these tools and technologies in an effective way.

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The Death of Traditional Business Models

“Ai is not going to kill jobs, AI is going to kill business models,” and the new business models that need to be crafted will have an impact on job positions.

This is the opinion of Pierre Robinet, senior consulting partner at Ogilvy Consulting Asia. The AI revolution has already started and it’s spreading in different fields. Enterprises need to understand its potential, embrace the revolution and adapt accordingly.

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The Early Majority: Takeaways from our New York Panel

We work with AI and data and we love to talk about AI and data! We interact with big players in the market, exchange opinions. Teach, and learn.

This is why we hosted, in New York – where one of our three offices is located – a panel with the title “The State of Applied AI and Big Data in CPG”.

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