Pizza and Beer: Uncovering Italian Food Delivery Favorites}

Pizza and Beer: Uncovering Italian Food Delivery Favorites

At Dashmote, we're always on the quest for valuable insights. Our latest investigation took us deep into the world of Italian food delivery, where we carefully analyzed data from prominent platforms like Glovo, Uber Eats, Just Eat, and Deliveroo. Our mission? To uncover the most appreciated pizza types and beer brands among Italian food delivery enthusiasts.

Pizza and Beer: The Perfect Combination

Our data revealed a clear winner in the pizza realm: Pizza Margherita emerged as the ultimate favorite among Italian food delivery lovers. What's even more fascinating is that 79% of the 60k pizzerias we examined offer beer alongside their pizza menus, showcasing the common practice of enjoying a cold brew with a slice.

Curious Beer and Pizza Correlations

Let's dive into intriguing correlations we discovered between beer and specific pizza types. Pizza Nutella has a special bond with beer, with nearly 88% of pizzerias offering Nutella pizza also including beer on their menu. On the other hand, pizzerias serving Kebab pizzas showed the lowest correlation with beer sales.

The Beloved Beer Brands

Among all the platforms analyzed, Heineken stole the show as the most popular beer brand, accounting for 39% of beers listed. However, on Just Eat, both Ichnusa and Moretti outshone Heineken. Ichnusa, with an overall share of 36% in beer listings, particularly stands out at pizzerias offering Funghi (Mushrooms) pizza. Moretti follows closely with a 32% share.

Platforms and Beer Trends

Glovo, Uber Eats, Just Eat, and Deliveroo collectively offer a significant number of pizzerias to choose from, totaling around 60,050. Among them, Glovo stands out as the go-to platform for beer lovers craving pizza delivery in Italy, covering 35% of the total pizzerias analyzed. Uber Eats, Just Eat, and Deliveroo also hold their respective shares.

Unlocking the Potential

These valuable insights assist beer brands in refining their sales and marketing strategies in the Italian food delivery market. Understanding preferred pizza types and beer brands allows companies to align their offerings and messaging with customer preferences. Targeted promotions, collaborations with pizzerias, and partnerships with popular delivery platforms can enhance brand visibility and drive customer engagement.

By leveraging these strategies, brands can captivate customers, boost sales, and establish a strong presence in the ever-evolving Italian food delivery landscape. Whether promoting the classic pairing of Heineken with Margherita or exploring innovative combinations with other pizza types, these insights enable the creation of compelling campaigns that resonate with customers and drive business growth.

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