Insights on pricing & popular beer brand across Europe’s delivery platforms}

Insights on pricing & popular beer brand across Europe’s delivery platforms

As summer kicks off, many of us are dreaming of beaches and refreshing cold beers. But where in Europe can you enjoy a beer without emptying your wallet? 

We’ve examined prices of 5 beer brands across 11 European countries to find out where you can sip affordably a refreshing beer. Our analysis focuses on food delivery platforms and covers Heineken, Budweiser, Asahi, and Corona in the Czech Republic, England, France, Romania, Poland, the Netherlands, Denmark, Spain, Greece, Italy, and Sweden.

Cheapest Beers in Europe

For those who love Heineken, the best price you'll find is in the Czech Republic at just €1.77. Poland emerges as a top destination for variety, where you can enjoy a Budweiser for €1.92, a Corona for €2.00, and a Peroni for €2.53. In Poland and Czech Republic you pay on average the least for a beer: in Czech Republic the average price of a beer is €2.58 and in Poland €2.54. 

Romania is particularly appealing for Asahi fans, and it also ranks as the third cheapest country overall for a range of beers. For a Budweiser beer on the other hand, you pay almost double than in the Czech Republic or Poland. Spain isn’t far behind, with prices just slightly higher than Romania, making it worth mentioning. Spain’s relatively low beer taxes and vibrant beer culture contribute to its competitive prices on delivery apps.

Most Expensive Beers in Europe

On the other end of the spectrum, Sweden has the most pricey beers. Here, an Asahi will cost you €5.34, and a Peroni goes for €4.97. Sweden's high alcohol taxes and strict regulations on alcohol sales significantly drive up prices on food delivery platforms. In England, you’ll pay the highest prices for Heineken (€4.29) and Corona (€4.72), making it the priciest country overall for enjoying a beer. The average price for a beer in England is €4.56 and in Sweden €4.26. 

France also ranks high, placing third in terms of high beer prices. A Budweiser in France costs about €5.00, making it one of the more expensive places to enjoy this brand. The average beer price in France is €4.18.

This means that the average beer in France is more expensive than in Denmark, which ranks fourth for the highest average beer price at €4.04. Denmark is followed by mid-range countries: Italy (€3.72), the Netherlands (€3.69), and Greece (€3.55).

Average Beer Price Comparison

Heineken stands out as the most affordable brand on average, costing 38% less than the priciest option. Budweiser and Corona are also reasonably priced, following closely behind Heineken. Asahi, however, is the most expensive beer brand in our study, reflected in its higher prices on delivery platforms. Do you want to enjoy a refreshing Asahi? You can find the cheapest price of an Asahi beer in Romania for €3.10.

Using Beer Price Data for Pricing Strategies

Companies can leverage this data to optimize their pricing strategies across different markets. By understanding where beer prices are lowest and highest, businesses can adjust their pricing models to remain competitive. Countries like Poland and Romania, where production is efficient and competition among retailers keeps prices down, offer opportunities for selling larger volumes of products at lower prices. On the other hand, in more expensive markets like Sweden, England, and France, focusing on premium pricing strategies can help companies build stronger brands and increase profits, even if customers pay more.

Understanding these differences between regions helps CPG brands make better decisions about what products to offer and how to promote them. It also gives them useful insights into how prices on food delivery platforms work, which helps them figure out how to sell more through food delivery platforms.

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