Beer Delivery: Mapping the winning brews across the US}

Beer Delivery: Mapping the winning brews across the US

Beer is a beloved beverage across the US. For centuries, both local and iconic macro brewers have been thriving at bringing top-tier beverages to American consumers who seem to have an unquenchable thirst for beer. With an average consumption of 69.6L per person per year, the beer market in the US amounts to US$120.60bn in 2023 and is expected to grow annually by 4.77% (CAGR 2023-2027) [1]

Although the demand for beer has rocketed all around the US, the preferred beer brand varies from state to state, with local craft beers competing with well-known industrial lagers in certain regions. In the competitive landscape of the US beer industry, which brew outranks all the rest in the food delivery market? By leveraging Dashmote’s Data Analytics SaaS platform, we conducted a comprehensive analysis of the most listed beer brands on food delivery platforms in each US state to gain valuable insights into the market opportunities and consumers' preferences.

Beer delivery is becoming a new consumer habit in the US

In the US, alcohol guidelines vary drastically from state to state. Not all the state liquor authorities permit bars, restaurants, and distilleries to sell their alcohol products off-premises. This also applies to alcohol-free beer, which laws differ across the states. As shown on the map below, there are 12 states with less than 15 digital storefronts (DSFs) selling beers on food delivery due to restrictions, including Mississippi, New Mexico, and more., which are excluded from the study due to the small sample size.

While not offered in every state, where it is legal, the convenience of alcohol delivery has made beers available to customers in an unprecedented way. In fact, on-demand alcohol delivery is becoming a big trend in the US, bringing great flexibility and profitability to restaurants. In the latest food and beverage report, analysts believe that online alcohol sales would grow 34% between 2021 and 2026, following a growth of 12% in 2019 and 43% in 2020 [2]. Moreover, the market experts conclude that the market size of the Online Beer, Wine & Liquor Sales industry in the US is expected to increase by 6.4% in 2023, faster than the Online Retail sector and the general US economy overall [3]. These trends point towards a changing consumer habit, causing an evident boom in the on-demand beer delivery space.

The winning beer brands on food delivery per state

According to Dashmote’s data, Corona Extra is the most listed beer on food delivery platforms in 22 of the 38 states with data available*. Coming in second place is Bud Light, holding the food delivery top spot beer in 11 states. Coors beer headlines 3 states' preferences, while Heineken, Modelo, Budweiser, and Michelob Ultra dominate 1 state each.

Data available*: Food delivery data from Doordash, Ubereats, and Grubhub in Q4, 2022. Only 38 states with more than 15 digital storefronts selling beer are included in the analysis.

Examining the map in greater detail, Corona has an advantageous position in the food delivery market on both the east and the west coast of the US, with the highest penetration rate in California - 4.6% of all DSFs offering food delivery feature a Corona product. This is followed by Florida at 3.7% and New York at 3.2%.

Bud Light is a hugely popular choice in central-eastern America. “All-American” states like Texas, Kentucky, and Alabama all chose the well-known lager, with Iowa having the highest Bud Light penetration rate on food delivery: 4.0% of all the DSFs in Iowa sell a Bud Light product.

Coors beer has achieved great success in Oregon and Idaho, with a respective 2.6% and 1.7% food delivery penetration rate, making it the most listed beer in both states. This is a testament to Coors' enduring presence in American food delivery.

Since its launch 145 years ago, Budweiser has become one of the most favoured beers among American consumers[4]. With a worth of 16.17 billion U.S. dollars, Budweiser outranked Heineken and became the most valued beer brand worldwide in 2021 [5]. Despite its high popularity in the US, Budweiser has yet to make an impact in the food delivery market. Indiana is the only state where Budweiser has the highest penetration rate. Ranking behind Corona and Bud Light in product listings presents an opportunity for Budweiser to expand its reach and build its presence in the food delivery market across the nation.

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