5 Reasons CPG Brands Should Track Their Product Prices on Food Delivery Platforms}

5 Reasons CPG Brands Should Track Their Product Prices on Food Delivery Platforms

We live in a fast-moving world where things change quickly, including prices, which can fluctuate significantly due to outside factors. It's crucial for a company to know what their products are selling for. As a CPG brand, you might not always have insight into the prices at which your products are offered on food delivery platforms. Having a good handle on prices can give strategic advantages and help fine-tune pricing strategies. Why? Here are five reasons why companies should keep a close eye on their prices:

1. Competitive Pricing Analysis

Knowing how products are priced in different restaurants allows CPG brands to maintain a competitive edge. By analysing pricing data, companies can benchmark against competitors and understand where they stand compared to similar products. This helps them remain attractive to consumers, ensuring products are neither too expensive to deter purchases nor too cheap to undermine perceived value.

2. Enhanced Revenue Management

Price monitoring is essential to effective revenue management. With detailed price insights, companies can maximise profit margins by adjusting prices strategically to balance between volume sales and profitability. Additionally, understanding pricing trends helps detect off-peak times, allowing CPG brands to create targeted promotions and discounts to drive sales during these periods. By managing revenue through informed pricing strategies, companies can ensure sustained profitability.

3. Strategic Partnership Development

Accurate price data supports the development of stronger partnerships with restaurants and food delivery platforms. This can lead to better negotiations as companies equip themselves with data to negotiate more favourable terms with restaurant partners. Strong partnerships often translate into better placement and promotion of their products, driving mutual growth and ensuring that both parties benefit from the relationship.

4. Brand Positioning and Consumer Perception

Consistent pricing across different channels is essential for maintaining a strong brand image. By maintaining a coherent pricing strategy across platforms, companies can reinforce reliability and ensure consistency. This helps prevent instances of overpricing, which could negatively impact how consumers perceive the brand. By controlling how their products are priced, companies can safeguard their brand reputation and foster consumer trust.

5. Market and Consumer Insights

Detailed pricing information provides valuable insights into market trends and consumer behaviour. Companies can use this data to understand price sensitivity and analyse how changes in price affect sales volume, helping to identify the optimal price points. Additionally, these insights help companies create tailored marketing campaigns, designing strategies based on how different segments of consumers respond to various prices. This is crucial for fine-tuning marketing efforts and ensuring they resonate well with target audiences.


For CPG brands, knowing the prices of their products on food delivery platforms for each restaurant is not just about numbers; it’s about gaining a strategic advantage. From competitive pricing analysis and revenue management to partnership development and brand positioning, detailed price data empowers companies to make informed decisions that drive success. By leveraging these insights, companies can better navigate the complex dynamics of the food delivery ecosystem.

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