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Dashmote A.I. Labs

Our program for
rapid prototyping
and fast results
through Data and AI

We use data, AI and business acumen to help clients advance and explore new use cases. Our Data Labs Program is focused on fast results, where we cut through the noise and focus on the impact of data science.

Dashmote A.I. Labs

How does Dashmote A.I. Labs work

For the Labs program, we use our data products such as image recognition, data matching, and machine learning workbench to accelerate new use cases. The program is focused on a jump-start where we work from concept to product.
Regardless of our longtime experience across a variety of industries, sometimes your business challenge is a unique one and requires a custom approach. This is where Dashmote Labs comes in.


Scoping & hypothesis setting

4 hours

Platform setup & data integration

one week

Proof of concept data science sprint

3-4 sprints of two weeks each

Scale & Productize

3-6 months depending on use case

We use the Labs approach for explorative cases where we have a working assumption of how data and AI can solve a specific problem– but has not been used to do so before. Instead of trying to meticulously plan a project with many unknowns (and thereby factoring more capacity to cater for uncertainties), the Dashmote Labs approach is set up to cut through the noise.

Our program is focused on speed. In order to test ideas in a fast and efficient manner, the team works in two-week sprints that are planned as  a joint effort. After each sprint, we adjust the priorities of the team based on the previous outcomes. 

Dashmote Data Products

We do not license the following products for direct use, but we use them as accelerators for our projects’ results.

Brand Image Recognition

Our heritage and the future. We have trained computer vision to recognize consumer brands to spot consumption trends and monitor brand image compliance (through image audit).

Data Acquisition and Matching

We use Apache Spark to ingest thousands of data points. Next to that, we can actively monitor – among others – E-Commerce platforms to track your products and competitors.

Machine learning workbench

We have automated many of the time-consuming steps of the traditional machine learning process. With our workbench, we can jumpstart projects to focus on business value by building accurate models.



Focus on fast results– we’re often able to start projects within a week.


You will be the key decision-maker in prioritizing user stories to make sure the project keeps delivering value.

Competitive Advantage

We have invested in AI & Machine learning for over five years. Work with us to reap the benefits and get a headstart on your project.

Unlock the Power of A.I.

Our experts will:

  • Explore your business case and get an understanding of your goals
  • Propose a tailored A.I. solution for your needs

For general inquiries and for our career opportunities, please visit our contact page!

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