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Advanced Analytics

Driving beverage sales
with laser-guided precision

Looking to increase sales in my region.

Looking to gain transparency on both the On-Trade and Meal Delivery channels.

Looking to monitor our brand performance across markets, based on popularity, pricing, and distribution.

The Outlet Explorer

Provides you with a summary of the outlet universe.

Use the multiple filters and data visualization layers.

Filter down to the outlets that are relevant to you.


The Market Explorer

Explore the drinks and outlet universe in different markets.
Easily spot gaps in distribution and opportunities for your brands.



Stop guessing! Join the likes of Coke, Diageo, Heineken, Bacardi, and start making data-driven decisions to ramp up your sales.

Identify & Close Opportunities

Turn data into sales actions with the click of a button.

Optimize your Brand Portfolio Coverage

Understand key drivers and grow your market share.

Select & Rank high potential outlets

Use a high definition view of individual outlet data and understand how to get them to convert.

Take Immediate Action

Feed prospects directly to CRM or PDF to get your team up and running.

Understand what drives brand performance

Monitor your competitive position and determine how to improve it.

Sales Recommendation model

Our recommendation engine helps you to decide on the best next action for your sales force.


Turn insights

into sales

Dashmote is here

to guide you

through today’s

data-driven world

Explore your market and get insights on where your products are and on the outlets that are distributing them.

Start driving your Beverage Sales

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Our specialists will:

  • Discuss your use case and the specific needs of your company
  • Walk you through all the different functions and tools you will get access to
  • Be there for you to answer all your questions throughout the whole implementation process

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