Join a team that is eager to make a difference

We are a mighty, yet small team that strives to make a dent into our universe, speciallized in the fields of Sales, Marketing and Tech. Machine learning and big data are common fields for us where we advice our clients on and develop solutions.

Current open positions:

Content Marketing Intern

Are you one of the cool kids producing content on the side. Now you have the ability to showacase your talents and drive the campiagns of big clients.

Operations & HR Intern

You are the commuicative type that likes group dynamics. Keeping an eye to make sure everything is planned well and goes smoothly is what keeps you going.

Digital Consulting Intern

Digital is everything for you! Do you wake up in the morning eat metrics and analytics for breakfeast, thinking of how you can make more and more businesses think digital.

Junior Data Scientist

Do you think that all the problems in the world can be solved through statistical analysis? Join Dashmote and help our clients understand their businesses better by using A.I. and visual recognition.